Interactive Movie Elements
  • Goldberg!  
    In honor of the gassiest goalie on the Ducks, your provided Fun Pack includes a whoopee cushion. Make sure to break it out and shout, GOLDBERG!

  • Boooooooo!
    No great movie is without great villains, and The Mighty Ducks has two of the worst. Make sure to let your "BOOOO"s be heard anytime Mr. Ducksworth or Hawks Coach Riley are on the screen.

  • Have Your Cake (Eater) and Eat it Too
    Although Adam Banks becomes a beloved Duck throughout The Mighty Ducks franchise, it didn't start out that way for the newly acquired Hawk. Enjoy a sweet cake (eater) treat to welcome Adam Banks to the Ducks.  

  • Today You Will Become a Man
    To celebrate Goldberg's Bar Mitzvah, join District 5 to READY, AIM and FIRE your soft puck into one of the goals located on the stage. Listen to DJ JoJo for the cue.

  • Quack! Quack! Quack!
    Whether shouting in Mr. Duckworth's office, or when they chant at their first game as Ducks, or even at their principal at school, join the team and show your District 5 Ducks pride and QUACK, QUACK, QUACK!

  • We Are the Champions
    Get your poppers poppin' and celebrate the Mighty Ducks victory over the Hawks.

  • They Gotta Mess with the Whole Flock
    Get ready to check your goodie bag when Coach Bombay reveals the Mighty Ducks Jersey for the first time. You could be the lucky winner of a Mighty Ducks Jersey!

Photo Ops and Activities
  • Flying V Photo Booth - Give us your best Flying V impression

  • Egg Training - Try your luck at stick handling eggs (well they look like eggs) and snap a fun photo of you and friends passing eggs like they did in the movie!

  • "I will not quack at the principal" chalkboard photo op - Welcome back to detention! Grab a photo or add to the chalk board where The Mighty Ducks were punished for quacking at the principal.